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Design your own disc.

Nothing is more fun than seeing a Manigigi game with your own designed disc!
Click here, to find the page where you can do this! Draw your design, cut it out and your design is ready to use!

Everlasting glory!
Show us your best design by sending it to us (using a scanner/ email, or mail) so we can put it on our website! Who knows you will be the inspiration for the next design!

Made by, Lila 6 years old from Haarlem Made by, Emma 7 years old from Haarlem
Made by, Silke 6 years old from Haarlem  


Your own movie!

We would love to see how you use Mangigi at your table. Make a short movie , put in on www.youtube.com and
email the link to klant@mangigi.com. The most original movies and designs will win a blank disc on which you can draw your own design.

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